2019 Honey CSA (local pickup in vancouver only)

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CSA Stands for Community Supported Apiary

Community-Supported Agriculture is a mutually supportive partnership between consumers and producers where shareholders (or members) pay upfront at the beginning of the season and share the “risks and rewards” inherent in agriculture. The farmer benefits by having a stable economic base at the beginning of the season while the CSA member benefits from knowing that she will have access to high quality produce while supporting regional farmers.

EastVan Bees is launching its Community-Supported Apiary! CSA members pay for an entire season of honey upfront (depending on what level they pick). Your apiarist (beekeeper) will deliver that share of produce to a convenient drop-off location in your neighborhood on a set number of occasions throughout the season depending on the level of shares purchased. This early bulk payment enables the beekeeper (apiarist) to plan for the season, purchase new equipment, make repairs, and more.

EastVan Bees Urban Honey comes from the flowers, trees, parks, and gardens of Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby. All hives are hosted by local residents and community gardens. When we harvest, we maintain the neighbourhood-level origin of the honey in each jar. With a CSA share from EastVan Bees, you can taste how Urban Honey changes throughout the year. Different flowers and locations around the city give each batch of Urban Honey a unique flavor. It’s sort of like the idea of terroir in wine production – the characteristic taste and flavor imparted on a wine from the growing conditions in which it was produced - but with our neighbourhood-specific honey, you get to experience the unique sweet-side of our local areas.

This is a truly artisanal honey.

2017 we had approximately 20 different flavour-hoods of honey available so we are hoping that 2018 brings an abundant harvest as well!

The 2018 CSA pickups will be once a month (exact dates to be determined. August through November (4 pickups) Or you can decide to take all your honey at once (but then you don't have an excuse to have a beer)

If we have an earlier harvest we will be in touch to let you know.

Pickup point will be at Eastvan  Brewery 1675 Venables St,  East Vancouver (although we can work out alternate arrangements)

Get on it and email us if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts are not applicable on the CSA! All order that have any discount codes used will be refunded. Sorry.

Choose from these CSA sizes:

CSA Level


120z Jars per Pick-Up

Total Number of Jars









Honey Lovers




Queen Bee



16 (plus container of 4 oz cut-comb honey


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