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May 14, 2015

Flow is on

Its been an amazing start to the year. We came out of winter with no losses! Caught 5 swarms, most were my hives so that was a bonus. Split some hives to start new colonys and will split a couple more very soon. Started an apiary in a new location and I hope to have 2 new apiary locations for new hives secured soon. Out of those hives i have one hive that is out performing all of them. The queen is going into her 2nd year and is showing no signs of slowing down. This hive is what i would want all my hives to be like. I am now attempting to create some queen cells with this queens brood. So far some hives have filled and capped 2 honey supers with frames that were put in that had built comb from last seasons harvest. This super hive has filled and capped 2 as well and is now filling the 3rd along with making tons of new wax . Below is picture of one of the foundation-less frames put in 5 days ago!

This is made by bees, no plastic foundation. Note the large cells IMG_3019 IMG_3016 Just WaxIMG_3017 Already Filling with NectarIMG_3028 5 days of Nectar in a few weeks or earlier the blackberries in the neighborhood will be blooming and barring extremely wet weather I am pretty sure we will be putting on honey supers every week or less! So Nice to live in Vancouver.

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