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So Sunday i was planning on doing a full inspection as it had been 9 days since the last one where I had discovered the queen cups.  I had put a medium super on 8 days ago as i felt that it was better to give them some more room if they needed it. I had just finished mixing up some sugar water for the colony, not knowing if they were still taking it and needing it to build comb in the top super. I looked out my bedroom window to see a black cloud of bees and a loud roar. Below is the video that isn't the greatest as my heart was racing and a slight panic was setting in. I managed to actually catch the swarm eventually but that is another post. Once the pics are uploaded and I don't see clouds of bees when I close my eyes  I will post it.  For now watch this, sorry for the expletive.

Oh and if you are a new beek make sure you have extra equipment on hand always. check out the 5 frame nuc boxes by DCoates it might save your ass.
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