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Oct 9, 2012

Mite-away treatment

Here is what is happening as of Sept 22/2012 in my Hives.  I decided to treat my hives going into the winter with Mit...

Mar 27, 2012

1st spring inspection year 2

This weekend was amazing!  The sun was shining and the temperatures were hovering at a balmy 13-15 Celsius (59 F)  pe...

Feb 6, 2012

Spring is here already?

Saturday February 4th was a beautiful day to crack open the hives and see what is going on with each of the colonies....

Jan 30, 2012

Are the Bees Going to Make it?

So I'm getting a little concerned with hive #2 or Kashyyyk as it known by some. There has been a lot of dead bees out...

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