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Sunny Days Are Here

Yesterday was a beautiful day. the mountains were covered in snow and the sun was shining. Temperatures were in the double digits probably around 13-15  celsius. When i got home the bees were out and about. It appeared that they were  just doing short orientation flights. so nice to see that they are making it their new home.  My son is quite the Star Wars aficionado, so he thought it apropos to name the hive Coruscant as that is the planet that is buzzing with a population.


I made a slider tray to fit under the screened bottom (called the "Varro-Nator") that is accessible from the back of the hive. When i pulled it out I could see what looked like a line of pollen dust situated below the frame where I had placed the queen cage. I'm hoping that this means that the queen is there and that is where most of the bee activity is.


[caption id="attachment_53" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Bees at the entrance to Coruscant"][/caption]    

Phillip a beekeeper from Newfoundland , with an excellent blog has informed me that I have placed the inner cover on upside down and because it is not proper bee-space that I could have a bit of burr comb to deal with when I open it. I will wait and see when I do the first inspection this friday, as the weather forecast is calling for more rain this weekend.



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