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Bamboo Cutlery - Zero Waste set - With Travel Pouch - Food Safe - Reusable

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We know you want to make a difference and cut down on plastic use. You have our beeswax food wraps, now you can bring your cutlery with you and ditch the takeaway plastic cutlery!

These are heat-treated bamboo from sustainable bamboo farms. Did you know some bamboo can grow up to a foot a day!
Not only is bamboo a sustainable, biodegradable material, it is also naturally antimicrobial, strong, and durable.

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This listing includes:
Reusable Bamboo Spoon, Knife, and Fork
1 set of reusable bamboo Chop Sticks
Bamboo Straw with cleaning utensil.
all these are contained in a washable cotton muslin bag with a drawstring.

═══════  PRODUCT CARE ════════

Care of the cutlery is easy, Hand wash in warm water with a mild soap, rinse and let dry
Try not to let your bamboo items soak in the water for an extended time as they might start to split

If you want the full deal check out our fun Beeswax Food wraps here 

You don"t have to be an eco-warrior to make a difference. every bit counts.

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