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Gift Box with 100% Beeswax Lotus Flower Candle, 2 x Lip Balms, Gardeners Moisturizing Salve

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1st lip balm
2nd lip balm

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We have combined some wonderful items in a small wooden box that has our logo branded on the box.
In the box you will receive:

1 x 100 % beeswax Candle (Lotus)

1 x Gardeners Dandelion Infused Moisturizing Beeswax Salve

2 x Lip Balm  (your choice of EastVan-illa, Peppermint, Black Raspberry or No Scent)

These all come in a sturdy pine box that has our logo burned in to the side.

When ordering please let us know what lip balm flavors you would like. If no selection is chosen we will pick for you.

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