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Natural Lip Balm w/ Beeswax & Honey - 4 pack - Free shipping

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1st and 2nd SCENT
3rd and 4th Scent

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This Listing is for 4 tubes of our Lip Balm- Shipping included
Lips are meant to be soft and supple. No one likes chapped lips especially us. We spend a lot of time outdoors in the spring and summer taking care of the bees and the hives.  We wanted to make a lip balm that was simple yet did the job right.
These amazingly luscious Lip Balms are made with only a few basic ingredients. Bees Wax directly from our bee hives here in Vancouver, organic coconut oil, a tiny bit of Cocoa butter and some essential oils with a drop of our sweet EastVan Bees honey.
The formula is amazing.  Your lips will thank you and you can thank the bees!
They are available in 4 different varieties
  • No Smell
  • EastVan-illa
  • Black Rasp
  • Peppermint

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