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Barrel Aged Whiskey Honey

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Two amazing flavours combined to make one of the most delicious honey you will ever taste.

What is Barrel-Aged Whiskey Honey?

We take our honey and infuse the flavours from an oak barrel from our friends at Sons of Vancouver Distillery that until recently had whiskey aging in it for 3 years. The smoke, pine, oak and whiskey flavours from the barrel are infused into the honey slowly over a few months, for flavour notes, unlike anything you have ever tasted. 

Drizzle some on ice cream, glaze on grilled salmon, or make a cocktail. Or just put it in your tea for a kick!

Grab a Jar and give it a try.

1- 340 gram /12 oz jar by weight


Please note that honey is available only within Canada. All other orders will be cancelled and refunded


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