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Beeswax Food Wraps - XL Bread- Bowl- Pan- Zero waste- Food Safe - FREE SHIPPING

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Our XL Wrap will help keep your bread fresh or cover a large Lasagna pan or large bowl

1 XL wrap 22" x 14.5" / 56cm x 37cm - plenty large enough to wrap a large loaf and keep it fresh or cover a large dish.

Pick the Honeycomb print or take a look at our 3 pack patterns and see if there is something there you like. Just send me a note or start a conversation and i can help you find a pattern you like.

This XL Bread Wrap is a perfect size to wrap your whole loaf of bread in. Center the loaf on the wrap at an angle and then bring the sides up to meet each other over the bread and roll them down together towards the loaf. Tuck up the ends and give a little squeeze to let the wax mold.
Remember not to cut your bread while it sits on the wrap as it will damage the wrap

Made in Canada by real Beekeepers!
Handmade from 100% cotton muslin fabric and pure Canadian beeswax from our hives, tree resin, propolis from our hives and organic jojoba oil.
The wax and the resin create a breathable fabric that with the warmth of your hands molds to the shape and sticks to itself!
The Jojoba oil and the propolis both have antibacterial properties to keep food fresher longer
We use all certified Food safe ingredients

Do your part to keep plastic use to a minimum
These wraps will last 6 or more months with regular use and then can be tossed in your compost or green waste to return from whence they came.

Care is easy, Just rinse with cold or slightly warm water but not hot! you can use a mild dish soap if you so desire. Towel dry for immediate use or just let dry in your dish rack and store for later use.
Do not use with raw meats or in the microwave or dishwasher.
They can be used in the freezer too.
To activate the wax and resin and make the wraps stickier, scrunch the wrap up in your hand and keep it there for a moment then pull it apart. It should be stickier than previous.

As they are made with all natural beeswax and pine resin the wraps will have a beeswax scent. The scent will fade with use, but definitely dont try to scrub it off!
If you are super sensitive to beeswax scent then these might not be for you.

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