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Geometric Skull Beeswax Planter - Succulent - Airplant -Candle Holder

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Color: Natural (yellow)

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Beeswax mini skull planter. Works great as a tea light candle holder or just keep jelly beans in it. The possibilities are endless!
When you tire of it, you can melt it down and make something new out of it.

FALL IS HERE! We have our LTD EDITION Pumpkin Spice Orange Skulls. its just orange and doesn't have any spice in it so dont be eating this thing.

We hand pour each item with our beeswax from our hives. Each item will have unique details from the mix (air bubbles, etc) as well as the shade of the wax colour that make it a one-of-a-kind item unlike the others. 
Add your own plant, or put some sand, coffee or rice in it and add a tealight. Just make sure the tealight burns above the top of the skull or it might melt!
Beeswax is very hardy and wont melt unless it is super hot. Avoid placing the skull near heat sources or on your stove (that would just be stupid)
Recommended for small succulents/ cacti or air plants. 

All of our items are handmade and due to the nature of beeswax and the natural dyes we use, no two skulls will be exactly the same. We feel that this adds to the character.
Plants not included. 

Height = 2.7”
Width = 2.3”
Length = 3.5”
Inside Hole: 1.75" Diameter x 2.25" H

Thank you for checking out our item!

Item Does Not Come with Plant

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