Interested in having bees in your backyard or business here in the Vancouver area? But are unsure about making the commitment to doing it on your own? East Van Bees ‘Host a Hive’ program may be an option for you.

Our ‘Host a Hive’ program allows individuals and families to enjoy the benefits and wonder of having bees in their yards without the worry of caring for and maintaining a bee hive. To support bee hives successfully, it takes a great deal of knowledge as well as a financial investment which often acts as a barrier for those interested in bees to make the leap into beekeeping. So East Van Bees is now offering backyard beehive installations and ongoing hive maintenance to individuals and families who are interested in having the benefit of pollinators for their gardens as well as access to honey from their own backyard without the added commitment of being responsible for the bees’ care. ‘Hosts’ will receive some of the honey collected from their hive** and have first access to the honey harvest from their backyard hives at approximately 50% off retail price. The ‘Hosts’ will have the added intrinsic benefit of observing these amazing creatures busy at work as well as contributing to the overall well-being of bees in our community. There is an administrative fee that help pay for all that is needed on our end to maintain the hive.

In our “Host a Hive” program, East Van Bees maintains ownership of all hives and the bees who live in them, but at any point you wish to transition into purchasing and maintaining your own hive East Van Bees would be happy to help you as much as you would like. Having bees in our communities is vitally important, so at East Van Bees, we would like to be supportive of the welfare of bees in our community through whatever avenues possible. There is an option of private beekeeping education and services on an a la carte basis as it suites your needs.

East Van Bees specializes in managing bee hives in urban and suburban areas so are quite use to being creative in smaller yard spaces. In fact, East Van Bees, has even installed and maintained roof top beehives in the absence of a yard space option. Please feel free to contact East Van Bees for a free consultation and evaluation of optimal location for hives in your space. If you have any safety questions related to be having bees in your yard please do not hesitate to contact us.

** – this will depend on if the hive produces enough honey to take from their stores. Hosts will receive honey from other locations if they want.

 If you are interested in hosting please leave your contact info and we will get back to discuss your request



Thanks to everyone that loves bees we have reached capacity for this season but are taking contacts to be added to our wait-list for this year.

Please do leave your contact info so you can get on the list for 2020 

  ***We are looking for Hosts that can take a minimum of 2 hives for 2020***

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