What are people saying about EastVan Bees ?     Sept 14 / 2016

Stephen Sandve of Vancouver is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for producing local honey and keeping bees safe and well. Keeping up with the bee bizz wasn’t always part of Stephen’s plan, but after observing a hive, things started to change.

Now, the Vancouver businessman has his own beehives and makes raw, urban multi-floral honey. The yummy stuff is unlike anything you can get at the grocery store – it’s chemical free, gently filtered, never heated and tastes nothing like the honey most of us know.

As EastVan Bees grows, so does Stephen. In 2015, he was diagnosed with cancer and has had to undergo radiation and chemotherapy. Now, he is even more passionate about supporting his community of bees, enjoying the west coast, spending time with his family and helping the environment.

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Steve from EastVan Bees is a self taught beekeeper. Growing up with a grandfather as a farmer and his father a consummate farmer, Steve found the calling in 2011. Since that first bee hive on the roof of a carport, EastVan Bees has expanded to many urban locations, establishing hives at backyards and businesses throughout Vancouver via EastVan Bees' Host a Hive program.

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