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Bee Blend Wildflower seed pack w/pin -FREE SHIPPING

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Honey Bees are not the only pollinators out there. There are many local and native insects that pollinate. We have a wonderful blend of Wildflowers that you can grow almost anywhere. They do well in your garden as well as a planter box on your apartment balcony. This Blend is formulated for bees of all kinds so grab a pack and give the bees some treats for the entire season.

This West Coast pollinator friendly wildflower mix will contain perennials, annuals, and biennials. In small areas, seeds can be scattered by hand. In larger areas, you may want to employ a lawn spreader or some other mechanical means. We recommend adding 1-2 parts clean, dry sand to 1 part wildflower seeds which will help the seeds spread evenly. Do not use beach sand, as it will be full of salt. It may be wise to spread most of the seed, but to save some for filling in bald spots at a later date. Seeds must come into contact with the soil in order to germinate. Do not bury seeds more than 2-3 times their thickness. Follow along with this handy guide how to grow wildflowers in your garden and grow some colour.!
Each seed pack will come with a pin of your choice.

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